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Frequently asked questions about FieldPulse

Can I send estimates/proposals/quotes in addition to invoices?+
Yes, FieldPulse treats estimates and invoices as the same record type but with the ability to simply change the status from an estimate to an invoice. This allows you to create an estimate for a customer and then quickly transition the estimate to an invoice once the customer has approved the work. No need to recreate your estimate as an invoice.

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I don’t want certain employees to see certain financial/invoicing/billing information, can I control that?+

FieldPulse offers different roles for employees depending on the functions they need access to. From Managers to Subcontractors, FieldPulse has roles with varying permissions to align with your company structure.

If you don’t want an employee to be able to see or send out invoices, they would be assigned to the Subcontractor role, which does not allow them to see financial information. FieldPulse has a tiered pricing structure for different user types. Employees that don’t require access to all features have a lower monthly price than higher-level employees, meaning you can tailor FieldPulse to your current needs and make updates at any time.

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Can I create company customer profiles in addition to individual customer profiles?+

Yes, FieldPulse allows you to specify whether the customer profile is an individual or a company, changing how the customer profile is displayed throughout the app. Both profile types still allow you to designate a primary point of contact and a secondary point of contact.

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My business has a complex team structure. Can we operate in teams?+

FieldPulse is designed to accommodate your simple or advanced team structure. Whether you operate in multiple teams or a single team, each team can be run by a team manager with various team members under their control, with the possibility of bringing temporary subcontractors on as needed.

By offering various roles at various prices, you can finetune FieldPulse to your needs, and you’ll never pay more for a certain user than you need to with the tiered pricing structure that’s available.

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What if I get a new phone or computer?+

All FieldPulse data is housed on our secure servers. Simply logging in to FieldPulse on a new device will synchronize the new device to match your existing records, so you never need to worry about new devices.

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Which devices are supported?+

FieldPulse is available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, and computer browsers. The WebApp is accessible from any web browser. Your team members can operate on different device types; an iPhone, Android mobile phone, and WebApp users can all be on the same team.

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