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Frequently asked questions about FieldPulse

Does FieldPulse integrate with Square Mobile Payments?+
Yes, simply authenticate into your Square account via the FieldPulse invoice administration settings and you can integrate the Square Register Mobile App into your customer invoicing workflow. Simply click “Collect Payment” on your FieldPulse invoice to automatically prepare a charge for your customer in Square.

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Can FieldPulse tell me the location of my team members?+

Yes, FieldPulse tags your team member location and timestamp when updating the status of a job record. This allows you to verify that they reached the customer job site on time and completed the job as indicated.

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Can I assign jobs to one or more team members? Will they be notified?+

Yes, FieldPulse allows you to assign jobs to any combination of team members across multiple teams. They will be automatically notified with a push notification to their phone upon being assigned to a job.

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Can I store secondary contacts and contact methods for customer profiles?+

Yes, FieldPulse allows you to add a secondary contact to both individual and company customer profiles as well as alternate phone and email addresses for the primary contact.

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My business has a complex team structure. Can we operate in teams?+

FieldPulse is designed to accommodate your simple or advanced team structure. Whether you operate in multiple teams or a single team, each team can be run by a team manager with various team members under their control, with the possibility of bringing temporary subcontractors on as needed.

By offering various roles at various prices, you can finetune FieldPulse to your needs, and you’ll never pay more for a certain user than you need to with the tiered pricing structure that’s available.

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How secure is FieldPulse?+

FieldPulse takes protecting your information seriously. All of your FieldPulse data stays on our secure servers and is password protected by your login.

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What are some types of businesses that use FieldPulse?+

All types of mobile service businesses use FieldPulse to manage their business. Companies ranging from one-man operations to 100 employee teams. Typical companies include general contractors, electricians, HVAC, plumbers, roofers, installers, but any business with team members out in the field servicing customer with scheduling, customer management, and invoicing needs can benefit from using FieldPulse.

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